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Quick & Easy Meals


Heat and Eat Meals


Take the stress out of meal planning. Choose from a variety of fully cooked entrees and sides at Medford’s County Market. Just warm them in the oven or microwave and you are ready to sit down to a delicious and nutritious meal.

Plate of Buffalo Wings

Crazy Fresh side veggie trays

Plate of grilled salmon and asparagus


Meal Kits


Make a meal for two in under 25 minutes for $17.99. There’s no cutting, slicing or dicing required. Our kits come with everything you need for a quick, easy and tasty meal with no subscription needed.


Try all four meal kits. Each is only 400 calories or less per serving.

Beef Burrito Bowl

Blackened Chicken Breast

Veggie Tostada

Crispy Dijon Pork Chop

Crazy Fresh Produce logo


Ready to Eat

Take a night off from cooking! Get a fresh, ready-to-eat quick & easy meal at your local Medford's County Market. Switch out our main courses and side dishes to create thousands of meal combinations.

main course

Small and Large Veggie Trays with dip

Deli sides

Crazy Fresh Pre-washed, pre-cut Fruit Trays