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Giving Back to Our Community

We are a division of Medford Cooperative, a company that has been in around since 1911. We are very proud of our heritage and the contributions this company has made to Medford and the surrounding communities we serve.

In the past 5 years, we have donated over $250,000 in goods!

This doesn’t take into consideration the discounts we offer local groups who are stocking their concession stands or buying supplies for an event. It also doesn’t take into consideration the coupon booklets or labor hours that go into helping with the brat stand or other fundraisers in store.

Fundraiser Event Donation Requests

Product or Gift Card In-Kind Donations

If you are seeking a donation, please visit Medford Cooperative’s donation page to read about our policy and to download a request form.

Not for Profit Event Product Discounts
We offer a discount off regular prices for qualifying fundraising events. This discount may not apply to some products. Organizations must present this discount request for approval at least 10 days prior to the event. This requirement also ensures adequate quantities to fill the order.

Fundraiser Events In-Store

Bagging Fundraiser

Please call or e-mail us to obtain a list of the upcoming available dates for bagging fundraisers. Our committee will meet and determine an appropriate date for the fundraiser.

Recommended Dress Code:

  • Please wear a shirt identifying your group
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn for safety reasons

Bagging Directions:

  • Please review bagging instructions before you proceed with your bagging fundraiser. Each member should be trained in proper bagging techniques.
  • No eating or drinking while bagging groceries. Please take your breaks in our employee break room.
  • Do not ask for tips. Groups can bring tip containers for the customers to tip if they choose.
  • Please ask customers if they prefer plastic or paper bags.
  • Take special care to make sure each customer receives all of their groceries before moving on to bag the next order.
  • Remember to thank each customer!

Group Responsibilities:

  • Designate at least one adult each shift as a group leader.
  • Divide hours for bagging into shifts, making sure all hours are covered.

Brat Stand Fundraiser

Please call or e-mail us to obtain a list of the upcoming available dates for the brat stand. Someone from our store will follow-up.

The success of your fundraiser is determined by price and your advertising strategy. Inform the members of your organization and have them spread the word that you are holding a brat fry at Medford County Market. The most successful events have multiple signs listing the name of your organization, information about your program, how the funds will be distributed, plus the items you are selling and the retail price. Other groups have offered food delivery and it goes over quite well. Fundraising groups choose the products they want to sell and set their retail based on profit they desire for the event.

We will supply:

  • Gas grill (and propane)
  • Grilling utensils
  • Nesco roaster to keep product warm